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About Laz Emporium

Laz Emporium is very much a reflection of myself - goods from the shattered brain of Steve Lazarides.

laz emporium london steve lazrides

We work alongside artists to smuggle more pictures into your home using ingenious methods… Right now we work with Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, famed portrait artist Jonathan Yeo, the effortlessly contemporary Charming Baker, bona fide NY graffiti legend Stash, and street artist meets high performance military equipment designer War Boutique.

laz emporium soho london steve lazarides

laz emporium london banksy

Plus Rave Captured by me, Steve Lazarides, the photo show with its arms in the air is showing in the downstairs 'house of Laz' exhibition bit.

rave captured lazarides laz emporium

An emporium is ‘a store carrying many different kinds of merchandise’ – an eclectic and intriguing range of stock.

laz emporium jamie hewlett

My collection is the product of my bipolar mind, always leaping from one area of fascination to another.

These are on sale next to objets d’anarchy from my own archive. 

laz emporium london lazarides stash

So ‘emporium’ made for a more fitting description than ‘gallery’ (been there, done that) or something trendy, which I could never countenance, like ‘marketplace’.

laz emporium london charming baker

All our pieces are hand-made from sustainable materials created or sourced in the UK.


Nearly all are printed and assembled in the new Laz Studio out in the Wild West Country.


We work with local expert craftsmen like Steve 'the Wood' here.


Laz Emporium is a family business. 


My mum and dad run the warehouse. Many of my old crew are on board, either up in the crow’s nest plotting a path ahead or below decks rowing for their lives. 


And it feels like I’ve finally settled on a project that encompasses all my interests. Something that’s doesn’t just involve art, but also photography, design, and publishing and anything else that floats my boat.

laz emporium london jamie hewlett

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the best things in life are un-categorisable – I’ll be picking up weird and wonderful esoteric clutter on this journey to sell here as well. Moreover, I’ll make new work with creatives of this world who can’t be pigeonholed.

laz emporium london lazarides

But whatever it is, it’ll always have a subcultural element to its character.

It all certainly beats selling art in tents. 


Laz Emporium Soho LDN launch covered in The Financial Times (paywall)

Laz Emporium Soho LDN launch covered in Hypebeast

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Banksy Captured has been kindly mentioned by a few people, the likes of The IndependentBBCSky NewsEvening Standard, CNNLAD BibleDaily MailITVNew York PostNMEMetroHigh SnobietyDazed Magazine and many more...



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