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Paris Hilton CD
Paris Hilton CD
Paris Hilton CD

Paris Hilton CD

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CD and artworked inlays

CD is signed 'Paris' by Banksy and contains unofficial remixes by Dangermouse

Condition - small crack in CD case, contact for photos. 


A 2006 collaboration between Banksy and super producer Dangermouse.

Banksy punted the cover and Dangermouse gave the whole album some pretty special treatment.

Legend has it that someone at the label was so horrified at how awful the album was that it was leaked to Dangermouse, who then took it to Banksy.

However as I’ve said, that’s the stuff of legend. What I do know for sure is that they are all signed by Banksy albeit under the name of ‘Paris’!

A few people were hired to reverse shoplift the CD into the biggest music stores in London at the time. I’ve always wondered how many genuine Paris Hilton fans took back the fake CD to get a replacement. If only they knew at the time that the real album you now couldn’t give away and the Banksy X Dangermouse version would be worth £10,000 and above!

Comes with a letter of provenance from Laz Emporium signed by me, and free shipping.

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