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The Black Panther Newspaper (Mar 11, 1970)

The Black Panther Newspaper (Mar 11, 1970)

The Black Panthers
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Vintage Newspaper


This is the official mouthpiece of the Black Panther movement, printed in America from 1969 till 1980. Each features a large back-page artwork by the Black Panther Minister for Culture, Emory Douglas, who I’ve worked with various times over the years. From 1968 till 1972 The Black Panther Newspaper sold over 100,000 copies every week and was the most widely read black newspaper in the USA. It was edited by a student called Judy Juanita, and indeed in 1969 two-thirds of Black Panther members were women. 537 editions were printed over the years.
The newspaper transmitted the ethos of the movement, which as Emory once told me was to empower the black community and lift it out of victimhood. By all means protest, he said, but get the basics in place first – “first get armed, and then get organised.”

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