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UV print on martial arts kimono (BJJ gi) fabric


Signed by the artist on reverse

120cm x 75cm


Stash created this piece on BJJ gi fabric himself at our West Country Studio while visiting from New York.

Seminal graffiti writer Stash began the entrepreneurial part of his career by screen printing the logo for Krylon, a sought-after spray paint manufacturer, on to apparel in the early 1990s. “Krylon and Rust-Oleum were the two big American spray paint brands,” he told Fraser Cooke in an interview on the origins of streetwear for the epic 2011 exhibition Art in the Streets, “and I screened their logos on to shirts.” He’d adapt the theme over the years, using a repeated nozzle graphic to create works, and crafting necklace charms resembling the spray nozzles from Krylon cans.

Stash, or ‘Mister Stash’ to you, is an especially innovative, prolific and respected New York graffiti artist of the old school. He painted trains with ZEPHYR in the 80s, exhibited alongside Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat aged only 17, and collaborates regularly with Futura 2000. His ‘Training Pad’ sketch book, featuring outlines of subway trains for writers to practice their tags on at home before venturing into the night, is cherished by aficionados. The Merchant Ivory Productions movie Slaves of New York featured a graffiti artist called ‘Stash’ and the man himself made a cameo as a fellow writer.

Stash founded his streetwear brand Subware in 1994. Creating high-impact lifestyle design pieces is as much a part of his artistic identity as exhibiting canvases. This approach has resulted in a number of hugely successful collaborations with brands such as Leica, Nike, A Bathing Ape, Burton and Casio. His most recent gallery exhibition showed 25 canvases at No 53 gallery in East Hampton during autumn 2020.

Follow him on Instagram: @mr_stash.

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