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Party's Over Large Metal Edition

Party's Over Large Metal Edition

Steve Lazarides
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Hand-finished screen print on aged metal

Edition of three

95cm x 138cm

Signed and thumb printed by Steve Lazarides


We'll have to charge for shipping on this item (we don't usually on high value pieces) because it's large, heavy and fragile. Or you can have collect it from our London shop. Please contact us for details.

Taken from the exhibition 'Rave Captured' by me, Steve Lazarides, showing late winter 2022 at Laz Emporium's downstairs space. These outsized editions on aged metal plates displayed at the show were created sustainably by expert craftspeople at our Wild West Country Studio.

The 'Rave Captured' series of photos document the exploding rave scene in the north-east of England during the early 1990s. Working-class youth embraced rave's potential for self-expression, community and hedonism, as the subcultural phenomenon reached Britain's regions and became ever more popular.

I was studying photography at Newcastle Polytechnic (now Northumbria University) when I embarked on the project after my tutor suggested he focus on a subject that intrigued him. While rave's music and aesthetic didn't personally appeal to me, the energy, attitude and context of an erupting subcultural phenomenon certainly did – and remains my impetus to this day.

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