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Liquidated adidas
Liquidated adidas
Liquidated adidas

Liquidated adidas

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50 x 70cm
One Colour Screen Print


Another very popular edition from Zevs’ Liquidated Logo series.
adidas’ 1970s Trefoil logo, reappropriated by the sportswear brand’s Originals line, is given the liquidation treatment.
The masked Parisian from Exit Through the Gift Shop went on to receive both critical acclaim and a rabid fanbase, via a rare combination of genuine artistry and good old fashioned vandalism.
The Liquidated Logo series, painted and printed by Zevs at the former Execution Dock print studio in Wapping, picks its subjects with élan. Not only are they visually potent, they’re often the same companies who relish a trademark court battle.

Zevs creates democratic street art through a conceptual process, unpicking late capitalist aphorisms to make romance out of regulation.

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