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Body and Soul (Purple)
Body and Soul (Purple)

Body and Soul (Purple)

Steve Lazarides
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Stochastic Halftone screen print on torn-edge Somerset Tub Sized Satin 410gsm paper

53cm x 80cm

Edition of 5


In 1998 myself and the Sleaze Nation team flew to New York. Upon arrival we took a taxi directly to the number one nightclub of the era, because that was what you did back then. Joe Claussell’s Body and Soul was heralded for bringing soul and psychedelia back into a bogged-down house music scene.

The crowd were mostly black and mostly gay, no booze was served, the visuals were literally blinding to our British eyes because the laws over there allow for brighter light shows, and the music was everything. Francois K tore the house down. I wasn’t really supposed to be taking photographs, but I found this ghetto blaster sitting on a shelf, which at the time I presumed had been put there for safe keeping while its owner was on the dance floor.

Body and Soul comes as a screen print edition of 5 on paper in both purple and orange, with five more colour ways to follow, created at our Wild West Country studio.

Myself and master printer Arthur Buxton nerded out on the press, using a Stochastic Halftone process on torn-edge Somerset Tub Sized Satin 410gsm paper plus matt inks.

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