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Soup Cans

Soup Cans

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Colour offset lithograph 

Professionally restored

From an unsigned official edition

84cm x 59cm


Special pre-shop opening sale price!

A cornerstone of any serious collection, this unsigned 2007 piece is quintessentially Banksy. It appropriates Andy Warhol’s 1960s Campbell’s Tomato soup trope and retcons it for life in late capitalist Britain.

Pest Control, Banksy's office, do not provide COAs for this particular print edition. We will supply a letter from Steve Lazarides/Laz Emporium.

Tesco’s (for international customers) is a famously grasping UK supermarket chain that’s notorious for sharp practice, especially the mishandling of small suppliers and farmers and aggressive competition with local corner shops, summing up all that is cynical about business in the 21st century.

Compared to Warhol’s bright colours, the uniform designs communicate the inexorable downward trajectory of life in the age of wage depreciation, zero hours contracts and ‘career change’.

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