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Partly Elizabeth 9/10

Partly Elizabeth 9/10

Charming Baker
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UV Printed Live Edge Oak
51 x 70 cm
Limited edition of 10, signed and numbered

“I was intrigued by how someone could take your photo and put it online rather than help you up first,” the artist once remarked about this piece. Vulnerable, serene, forcibly alluring and disturbingly contemporary, this is the real ‘urban art’.
Charming painted the image from his sizeable imagination and not a schlock-horror tabloid photograph.
My brother (Laz Emporium is a family business) went down to a wood workshop in the Forest of Dean and chose some impeccable oak panels to print these on, which we had specially cut down to a wall-friendly size, so it’ll hang splendidly alongside your collection.

Charming Baker is a painter from a military family who developed a very successful artistic career while lecturing at St Martin’s. According to critic Edward Lucie-Smith, his work has “a kind of romantic melancholy that is very British. And sometimes the melancholy turns out to have sharp claws. The pictures make you sit up and examine your conscience.”

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