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How to Paint Graffiti and Get Away With It

How to Paint Graffiti and Get Away With It

Steve Lazarides
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Photo print on Somerset Torn Rag 410gsm paper

Edition of 100

70cm x 50cm

Signed, numbered and thumb printed by the photographer


I've made a series of my own images from Banksy Captured Volumes One and Two available as affordable, easily framed photography print editions. 

The portrait of Banksy was taken by myself of course in front of Old Street bridge, which he considered his turf. Having already impressed the local vandalism community by getting up there in the first place, he daubed it with many classic put-ups including 'Keep Left' and the smiley-faced riot police line. The big tag was the first one I believe, so this would've been in 2000-2001.

The book was made for the shoot on the printer in the Sleaze Nation offices, and doesn't exist as a printed, published tome.

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