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Spray for the Wicked – Stash Interviewed


Stash is a bona fide New York graffiti legend. He painted trains with ZEPHYR in the 80s, and exhibited alongside Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat aged only 17. His ‘Training Pad’ sketch book, featuring outlines of subway trains for writers to practice their tags on at home before venturing into the night, is cherished by aficionados. Creating high-impact lifestyle design pieces is as much a part of his artistic identity as exhibiting canvases. This approach has resulted in a number of hugely successful collaborations with brands such as Leica, Nike, A Bathing Ape, Burton and Casio.

We asked Stash to talk about five key themes, works or projects from his resumé. He chose his early years painting NY 80s subway trains, a collaboration with K2 Skis and Snowboards, his pieces made using subway maps, an unusual mural for a school in Westchester, and psychedelic canvases from his latest exhibition.

Browse Stash’s Krylon Project, an extensive selection of screen prints, editions on wood and uniques, in our webstore now. Follow him on Instagram: @mr_stash.

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