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Laz's Photo Folio

He hasn't got one of those big leather folders for displaying his work in, but if he did, these are the photographs Steve Lazarides would put in it.

Here's the captions:

1 Barton Hill youth club, Bristol, mid-1980s

2 Steve's dad Pete, mid-1980s

3 Tape deck at Body & Soul nightclub, NY, late 1990s

4 Rat temple, India, early 2000s

5 Tricky and notorious underworld figures, early 2000s

6 Cat Power, NY, late 1990s

7 Indian countryside, early 2000s

8 'Flower Thrower' stencil, late 1990s

9 Centre for the Dull, NY, early 2000s

10 Banksy farmyard 'Wild Style' project late 1990s

11 Sav Remzi and Andrew Weatherall, Bridge and Tunnel, Shoreditch early 2000s

12 Gulf War protest 2003

13 Jackie 60 nightclub, NY, late 1990s

14 BAST flyposters, NY, early 2000s

15 Kurt Cobain's ink pot, Seattle early 2000s

16 David Choe paints Lazarides Rathbone, mid-2000s

17 Sniff Yourself Thin billboard, NY, mid-2000s

18 Dave Grohl, California, early 2000s

19 Invader at Execution Dock Studio, 2014


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